Our silent and lovely leader during his recovery!

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Friendly reminder that Jinki remembered what Taemin was wearing the day he met him.


I love the fact that SHINee rarely ever lip syncs. Also, you can always tell when they are lip syncing, because Jonghyun looks like he wants to set the place on fire.

Stupid kid, no wonder you can’t keep track of your stuff. Pay a little attention!

Just a 100% 22 year old Lee Taemin

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members (namely Minkey) being distractions while Jonghyun works

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Onew’s mic set was flying all over the place. He grabbed it and hold it and danced and we all live happily ever after with proud feeling overwhelming the entire SHINee WORLD.

Hes too bad ass to be human ….

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78|100 SHINee photos (by shinee-as-super-heroes).


Why do you love SHINee so much?


Why do you love SHINee so much?


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30/100 gifs of taemin.

30/100 gifs of taemin.

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